Disappear Completely review

Disappear Completely Review: Netflix's Must Watch Mexican Horror Film

If you've been waiting for Netflix to give us some top tier nightmare fuel, the time has come. Disappear Completely (Desaparecer Por Completo), a Mexican crime horror film that hit the streaming service on April 12th, is about a tabloid photographer named Santiago. In this Nightcrawler meets Drag Me to Hell film, we're in the passenger seat as Santiago meets a well deserved fate. 

Santiago, a callous, crime tabloid photographer, makes his living taking photos of people at the end of their lives. He isn't likeable whatsoever. Other than the fact that he photographs people in such vulnerable positions, when he finds out his wife, Marcela, is pregnant, he isn't exactly gunning to win father of the year. So when Santiago finds himself cursed and starts losing his senses one by one, we aren't exactly on his side as he tries to beat the clock before he disappears completely. 

Director Luis Javier Henaine, along with Ricardo Aguado-Fentanes who wrote the screenplay, fully immerses viewers into Santiago's journey. Coupled with the stellar performance by Harold Torres, Disappear Completely stands up against some of the best horror releases so far this year. 

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 The cinematography and the sound design pull us in completely as Santiago starts to experience the loss of his senses. When his touch goes, we get close shots of his hands rubbing on his jeans. And when he starts to lose his hearing, everything is muffled throughout each of the scenes. And that last act packs a killer punch. 

But there are some moments that needed more depth and better delivery. Some of the writing choices didn't add to the story and could have been left out. Also, Henaine toes the line and if he'd gone just a little bit further over it, this film would be deserving of a much higher rating. 

Disappear Completely is captivating and unique. It utilizes clever storytelling and cinematography and sound design that is just as compelling as the plot. Definitely add this one to your watchlist. 

TW: animal death 


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