Godzilla Minus One Movie Review

Godzilla Minus One Movie Review

If you're able to experience Godzilla Minus One in theaters, specifically IMAX- do it. Make it happen because it's worth it.

Godzilla Minus One was written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki and stars Ryunosuke Kamiki and Noriko Oishi. Set post World War II, our main characters are trying to rebuild their lives after loss, devastation, and grief. Then comes in Godzilla. 

Yamazaki does an exceptional job of balancing the human aspect through character development and dialogue while still creating a monster movie. The way he marriages the two together so well is what makes the greatest impact on screen. 

What We Liked:

  • Visual and special effects; Godzilla looked amazing
  • Sound design
  • Performances
  • Writing
  • The overall story/plot
  • The action- specifically the visual impact of Godzilla being Godzilla

What We Didn't Like:

  • The ending

Overall, Godzilla Minus One is an almost perfect film and this isn't us jumping on any kind of bandwagon. We truly loved and enjoyed this Godzilla. Be sure to check out our reviews and let us know what you thought in the comments!




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