Dagr: New Original Found Footage

Dagr: New Original Found Footage

I recently did a post in Nyx Horror Collective's Nightide Magazine about the evolution of found footage and how the subgenre will continue to be a pillar within the horror space if it also evolves. Dagr is a great example of that idea.

Note: Minor spoilers ahead.

Dagr (2024), is about two YouTube pranksters, Thea and Louise, who find themselves on a heist gone wrong. Directed by Matthew Butler-Hart, and starring Riz Moritz, Ellie Duckles and Tori Butler-Hart, Dagr is a comedy, folk found footage film with much to enjoy.

Dagr presents itself as being very aware of what it is, and I love that. For example, there is a moment when one of the leads gives a parody of Heather's iconic monologue from The Blair Witch Project and it is hilarious. The character development of Thea and Louise is really well done and Mortiz and Duckles give really strong performances. With any found footage film, finding the balance of reality and horror is often hard to tackle but Butler-Hart does a great job as we can see with the normal banter and often ridiculous antics of this duo.

Matthew Butler-Hart filmed Dagr using iPhones and you can not tell at all (aside from seeing them used in the shots of course). Visually, this film looks like any other found footage film. Coupled with the sound design and the Welsh setting, it stands up well next to films in the found footage subgenre we all love.

Overall, Dagr serves up some originality with its story and the approach of a movie within a movie type of narrative. Thea and Louise's pranks are done in Robin Hood style by taking from the rich and giving back to those who need it. This film is about a commercial shoot where they intend to steal items used on the shoot. When they arrive, they discover things are amiss after viewing camera footage already taken on the set. But while the concept and ideas are creative, it lacks the tension needed to really propel the story forward.

The final act, however, is solid. The overall sense of dread and the performance from Tori Butler-Hart is spot on. The payoff is gory and wild but I really wish the tension was more apparent and the scares hit harder on the way there.

Dagr is an entertaining found footage film that fans of Deadstream and Chad Gets the Axe will appreciate. It's fun, gory, and often pretty creepy.


Indie horror is making waves in 2024 and it's amazing to witness. Dagr is now available on VOD. It was produced by Fizz and Ginger Films, Matthew and Tori Butler-Hart's production company.

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